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Hey there, Texas high school football coaches! 🏈 Ready to take your team's performance to new heights? Tune in to the Texas HS Football Podcast, proudly sponsored by Laser Combines. We're all about bringing precision and passion to the game, helping you unlock your team's full potential.

Join us as we dive deep into the world of athletic performance evaluation, sharing insights, tips, and success stories from coaches just like you. From cutting-edge technology to time-tested strategies, we've got everything you need to give your team the competitive edge it deserves.

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Discover the Laser Combines Advantage

Official NFL Combine Equipment

Experience the gold standard with the same precise equipment used at the NFL Combine, ensuring your results are as accurate as possible.

Immediate and Precise Results

Receive your performance data right after testing, allowing for quick adjustments and improvements in your training regimen.

Data-Driven Development

Leverage detailed analytics to tailor your training and development strategies, making every practice session count.

Expertise in Athletic Performance

Gain insights from our experienced team, who bring years of sports science and professional coaching knowledge to your athletic journey.

Customized Testing for Football Athletes

Our tests are specifically designed for football, ensuring that every drill and measurement directly contributes to your on-field performance.

Comprehensive Athlete Comparison

Understand your position in the competitive landscape with our in-depth comparison, giving you the edge in recruitment and team selection.


A Seamless Process from Start to Finish

Discover how our straightforward, step-by-step approach empowers coaches to unlock their team's full performance potential through data-driven insights and tailored testing events.


A Seamless Process from Start to Finish

Discover how our straightforward, step-by-step approach empowers coaches to unlock their team's full performance potential through data-driven insights and tailored testing events.

How it works

01. Initial Engagement

Reach out to us or respond to our contact to explore how our precision testing can elevate your team's performance.

02. Assessing Compatibility

We'll discuss the fit of our services for your team, focusing on athlete numbers and development impact.

03. Scheduling and Planning

After confirming a fit, we'll coordinate the ideal time and location for your team's testing event.

04. Execution and Analysis

Your athletes undergo our testing, with immediate, accurate results providing clear performance insights.

05. Strategic Follow-Up

We offer consultations post-event to help interpret data and refine your training strategies.

Laser Combines Reviews

5 OUT OF 5 ) Google Reviews
Coach Thompson
Google Review

"Working with Laser Combine transformed our team's approach to training. The immediate, precise feedback on our athletes' performance was a game-changer. It's clear why they're the leaders in this space."

Coach Rivera
Google Review

"Laser Combines testing event was incredibly organized and efficient. Seeing our players' data compared to national standards has helped us tailor our training programs with unprecedented precision."

Coach Daniels
Google Review

"The level of detail in the performance reports from Laser Combine is outstanding. It's not just about the numbers; it's about understanding our athletes' strengths and areas for improvement. Highly recommend!"

Coach Lee
Google Review

"I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the Laser Combine team. Their equipment is top-notch, and the insights we gained have been invaluable for our recruitment strategy."

Coach Martinez
Google Review

"Laser Combine's follow-up consultation really sets them apart. They didn't just provide data; they helped us interpret it and plan actionable steps for our players' development. Exceptional service!"

Coach Harper
Google Review

"From scheduling to execution, our experience with Laser Combine was flawless. The accuracy of their laser timing technology and the comprehensive athlete comparison gave us a competitive edge we hadn't seen before."


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